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I help AMBITIOUS SOULS unlock their fullest potential by changing their SUBCONSCIOUS BELIE

A 3 Month program for Creators who are ready to makeover their mind, uplevel their life, and achieve their goals!

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There is nothing more frustrating than wanting your dream so effing bad, but no matter what you do it seems to just never happen.

​I know. I've been there.

It often feels like you're pushing on a pull door and the darn thing won't budge!

What if your CURRENT subconscious programming is the thing that’s holding your dreams at arms length and you're completely unaware of it? 

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I know...I see you

You’re feeling the frustration of witnessing others achieve their dreams effortlessly, while you keep being met with obstacles and setbacks that seem unending. 

You feel the ache of your dream so intensely and often wonder why your pure determination isn’t enough to manifest your dreams into the reality you’re yearning for.

You find yourself having negative thoughts and emotions that seem to dominate your days, and it's as if your thoughts have a mind of their own, leading you down a path you never intended.

Deep down you know that it shouldn’t be this hard to turn your goals into the tangible results you deserve and you are so ready to break free from the cycle of these unfulfilled expectations.

You're days feel repetitive as if you're merely going through the motions and you are so ready to take control and be the driver of your reality.  

You’re craving a breakthrough that will turn your relentless efforts into your dream life and you are so ready to discover the missing pieces that will transform your journey from one of frustration to one of success.

If this is you, keep reading.

The only thing preventing and slowing down your dreams is the current programming you have running in your subconscious mind.

It’s the thing that holds the lock AND the key to your dream life.

Everything you desire is absolutely possible because you already possess the control center (your subconscious) to your goals and dreams.

The solution is already woven into the fabric of your being……
now what are you going to do about that?

Your journey to GROWTH and POWER begins                   .


9 years ago, my life was defaulted at…hard.


Everything I tried pursuing was just not happening for me; Like despite all the effort, despite how badly I wanted something, I was still….”here”. My life felt like I was going through the motions checking off the “to dos”, but wasn’t generating any results and any excitement for life.


Unfortunate things kept happening to me and I felt that I didn't get a say in what happens; like I was in the driver seat with a steering wheel that turned on its own and kept crashing me into things. My life felt out of MY control

I finally reached a breaking point and stopped "TRYING" so hard.


It was then that everything changed for me.


I was introduced to the laws of the universe, to the 4 stages of conscious, to subconscious beliefs and subconscious programming. 


I started seeing myself and the whole world soooo differently. I realized that I 100% have control over what happens to me and that I DO create my reality. I started trusting that it was all working out for me and I started seeing the evidence of that.


With my new updated mind, my life transformed. And as I learned more about the power of my subconscious and how it relates to the Laws of the Universe, I became so incredibly passionate about sharing this GOLD MINE with others. 

After years of coaching and sharing my knowledge and experience with others and seeing them have the same realizations, results, and reactions to life after knowing what I know , I knew I had to share this in a bigger way.

SO if you're so over pushing the pull door to your success...


And ready for a transformative journey that will allow you to unlock the immense power of your subconscious, transcend to new levels of consciousness, and pave the quickest path to achieving your dreams, then I invite you to join…

Mind Makeover Academy-13.png
A 3 Month program for Creators ready to makeover their mind, uplevel their life, and achieve their goals!

Here’s what you’ll learn… 

The Laws of the Universe (including law of attraction) and how you can leverage them to catapult your dreams!

The 4 stages of consciousness and how just becoming aware of which stage you’re at can create massive shifts!

All about the subconscious mind and why it holds all of your power!

How energy and alignment play a huge role in what you allow and don’t allow in your life!

How to get out of your own way so that you’re allowing the abundance of people, opportunities, and experiences (that are meant to take your goals and dreams to the next level) to easily flow to you!

As you progress, you'll witness a new you, resulting in new opportunities, people, and new experiences. This program isn't just about learning concepts; it's about experiencing an evolution of your very being. 

And here's what's included...

Videos, Exercises, Audios, etc.


Weekly Live Coaching

Lifetime Access

Every Monday, there is a new module to watch and it’s always accompanied with some sort of homework or action step to support what was learned during that lesson.

Every Wednesday, there is a checkin call, where participants can share their aha moments, get clarity on concepts, and ask questions.

You will also receive access to the exclusive Mind Makeover Academy Facebook group where you can come get support and ask questions throughout the program. This is also a tool to keep you accountable as you will have to post your homework in the community. 

Every Friday there will be a live coaching call, where participants can get some subconscious mindset coaching from yours truly! This will be a 2 hour call to make sure each and every attendee gets the coaching they need to propel them forward.

There is a lot of information, tools, and resources in this course and so it's important to me that you have lifetime access to the modules so that you can re-listen, relearn, and refresh whenever you want.


Ok I want you to close your eyes and imagine a life where you are the deliberate creator of your reality, where the power to shape your experiences and outcomes resides firmly in your hands. No longer held captive by a cascade of unfortunate events, you are now the architect of your destiny, paving a path of purpose and abundance. By reprogramming your subconscious mind, you dismantle the barriers that once held you back, allowing your thoughts and beliefs to work in harmony with your aspirations. As you master the laws of the universe, you effortlessly attract the opportunities, relationships, and circumstances that align with your dreams. This is your journey to becoming a conscious co-creator with the universe, where every thought, action, and intention transforms into a stepping stone towards the life you've always envisioned.

But don't just take it from me...



“To say that Sarah’s Mind Makeover Academy program is life altering is putting it mildly. Sarah’s class takes the idea of The Secret and thoroughly dives into its inception.  She spends time in explaining where our negative thoughts come from;  the neural pathways  that have been entrenched from years and years of thoughts and beliefs, coming from our upbringing and our families.  After you become aware of where your thoughts are coming from, she gives you tools and exercises to reprogram how you think about things. The common phrase, “ you make your own reality”, starts to become reality.  You become empowered  with your own positive beliefs, and knowing that you can achieve your goals. When I first started her class, I was frustrated with a number of areas in my life ( especially picking up the pieces from the pandemic). But Sarah‘s knowledge and teachings helped me to become clear on where the problems are, and what I can do to help motivate myself to make the necessary changes so I can get to where I want to go. And her weekly coaching sessions she would dive deep into issues that would come up, and help make sense of them, so we can move forward. Sarah is highly trained and knowledgeable, and very generous with her knowledge. Like I said, at the beginning, Sarah’s class can truly be transformative and life-changing. It doesn’t happen overnight though, it takes consistent work on a daily basis. But once you are willing, anything can happen. Can’t wait to see what the next chapter in my life entails. Thanks Sarah!”


Mind Makeover Academy-13.png
Mind Makeover Academy-13.png
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Logo, feminine, signature logo-2.png
Logo, feminine, signature logo-2.png

Ok so here's the breakdown

I created Mind Makeover Academy based off of the 4 Stages of Consciousness so there are 4 parts and we spend 3 weeks on each part. Before the program starts, you will choose a goal/desire that you will focus on and work towards using the information, tools, and coaching I give you. 

Stage 1 

Unconscious Incompetence

The belief that “Life is Happening TO Me”

At this stage, you are unaware that your mind is programmed against you. You’re often falling victim to your reality and it’s easy to feel annoyed, frustrated, anxious, hopeless, and pessimistic about your circumstances. Stage 1 is heavily concentrated on foundational Information, awareness, and self-reflection. I help you gain insights into your unconscious patterns and limitations that prevent you from attracting your desires/goals. You'll have a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, and begin to recognize the power that you have to shape your own reality.

Module 4

Getting Really Protective Over You 

(energy, environment, etc)

Module 5

Keeping Thoughts Accountable 

Keeping Emotions Accountable

Module 6



Vibrational plane

Stage 3

Conscious Competence

The belief that “Life is Happening FOR Me”

At this stage, you'll begin to see the world through different lenses and you’ll notice how life is responding differently to you. You'll be hyper-aware of all the amazing things you are attracting and creating in physical form. Because of this awareness, you will start to build and strengthen new neural pathways in your subconscious leading to new people, opportunities, and experiences getting you closer to your goal. Stage 3 is all about awareness of who you’re being and how that’s a domino effect to what you're attracting. This newfound awareness helps keep you accountable and focused on solidifying and strengthening your new programming that supports your goals and dreams!

Module 10

The Vortex

Module 11


Future Pacing

Embodiment and Essence

Module 12

Quieting the mind

Trusting the Universe

Letting Go

Getting out of your own way

Module 1

4 Stages of consciousness

The 12 Laws of the Universe 

Law of attraction and how it relates

to your subconscious mind

Module 2

Subconscious Mind 

Neural Pathways 

Belief Systems

Limiting Beliefs

Module 3



Stage 2 

Conscious Incompetence

The belief that “Life is Happening BY Me”

At this stage, you start seeing evidence that you hold the power and you start building the belief that you do indeed create your reality. Stage 2 is all about doing THE WORK. It’s about shifting energies and reprogramming thoughts. I provide you with the tools and techniques you need to stay focused and accountable, and help you overcome any mental obstacles that arise along the way.

Module 7

Inner being

Soul contracts

Higher Self

Module 8


Creating momentum

Module 9

Awareness/Reflection Week

Taking Inventory

Digesting everything you learned for the last 8 weeks

Stage 4

Unconscious Competence

The belief that “Life is Happening AS Me”

At this stage, you’re embodying and reaping the benefits of a reprogrammed autopilot mind. Your belief system is like “Of course that amazing thing just happened to me. I trust my subconscious programming to bring me anything and everything for my highest good.” Stage 4 is about constantly giving yourself recognition for the things that are coming to you easily and effortlessly AND modeling your life humbly. YOU WILL INSPIRE PEOPLE AROUND YOU JUST BY LIVING YOUR LIFE COMPETENTLY! People will want what you know and have! Believe me it’s contagious *wink*.

So if this is the MAGIC that's been missing in your life and you are so ready to MAKEOVER your mind, UPLEVEL your life, and ACHIEVE your goals, I would love to have you inside...

Mind Makeover Academy-13.png
Mind Makeover Academy-13.png
 Motivational Desktop Wallpaper-3.png
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